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Flowers always make people happier and are a symbol of love and beauty. Maybe that’s why a Celebration without flowers is incomplete. Moreover, freshly cut flowers, with the soft fragrance lingering in the air, can brighten up the atmosphere of a celebration and make it a long lasting memory. Unique and stylish flower decorations always create the perfect atmosphere for all occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, birthday or any other events, ONS Events Flower decoration services can create the photo-perfect atmosphere for your event.

Are you looking for exquisite flower decoration services, bespoke flower bouquets and flower centerpieces for your occasion or event? ONS Events is the leading event decoration company you can count on. As professional event decorators, we at ONS Events, have an innovative and expert team of florists with a deep knowledge in floristry. In addition to skilled flora decor experts, we have experienced professionals who have vast experience in direct sourcing of freshly cut flowers from the best farms in India and abroad. As a result, from fabulous flower backdrops and flower arches to exotic Wedding bouquets and table centrepieces, our skilled team of florists and decorators is able to create a wonderful atmosphere for your upcoming event.

Why ONS Events Flower Decoration Services?

  • Expert and Creative Team of Florists
  • Stunning Fresh Flower Arrangements and Decorations
  • Completely customized Flower Decoration services
  • Picture-perfect, Stylish and Innovative Flower arrangement for All Occasions
  • Unique Floral Decoration in Sync with Your Event’s Theme
  • Top Quality Flower Bouquets and Flower Centerpieces

Whether it is a social event like wedding, reception, birthday or it is a corporate event like the inauguration, seminars, meetings or product launches, with our expertise in flower decorations, we can turn your event in to memorable one.

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Wedding Flower Decorations

Wedding Flower Decorations

One cannot imagine a wedding celebration without a beautiful flower decoration. Flower decorations are the most important part of a marriage function. Moreover, they are used to make fabulous Stages, Passages, Backdrops, Mandaps, Bouquets and Centerpieces.Simple or elaborate, ONS Events Experienced Florists and Decorators, with their innovative flower decorations, can create a mesmerizing atmosphere at your wedding event leaving an impression that lasts a lifetime.

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Wedding Gate Flower Decorations

Wedding Gate Flower Decorations

Wedding Gate or Entrance Flower Decoration is the key part of a Wedding Decorations because this is the first impression that your valuable guests are going to have about your wedding day.Whether it is a classic arch, modern arch, illuminated flower gate, drapes & garlands gate or a fresh flower gate, Hire the Best Flower Decorators in Tri City Chandigarh who are famous for their art to create amazing floral designs to blow the mind off of your wedding guests.

Passage Flower Decoration

passage flower decoration

Every wedding flower decoration has its own ambience & significance but each wedding deserves a fairytale flower arrangement.Whether it is a drapes & garlands passage, curtained gateway or an illuminated passage full of fragrant flowers, ONS Events skilled florists & Decorators can transform your wedding entrance passage in such a way that your guests are sure to love and appreciate for a long time.Hire ONS Events Florists to create an unforgettable wedding entrance way.

Wedding Stage Flower Decoration

Wedding Stage Flower Decoration

The most noteworthy place in a wedding celebration is the main stage where the bride and the groom sit and this is the spot where most of the pictures with family and friends would be clicked.ONS Events Professional Decorators use creatively numerous elements like fresh cut flowers, drapes, curtains, drapes, decorative stones, crystals, mirrors along with beautiful light arrangements to make a unique and magnificent wedding stage.Let ONS Events Wedding Stage Designers make stage for your dream wedding.

Wedding Mandap Flower Decoration

Wedding mandap flower decoration

The Mandap or Manavarai in an Indian Wedding is the place where sacred wedding rites and rituals are performed and the groom ties the sacred knots of trust, love and understanding to the bride.With creative floral designs, silky drapes, dangling jasmine twists, flower pillars and chandeliers along with illuminating lighting arrangements, ONS Events Florists, with their sophisticated skill create the Mandap for sacred wedding rites to be performed.
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Flower Decorations for Corporate Events

Flower Decorations for Corporate Events

Fresh flowers and plants play an important role to improve the mood of your valuable clients and enhance the performance the well-being of your staff.Whether it is for a product launch, an office party, an important client meeting, a seminar or networking event. Our professional Florists at ONS Events, with their creative and innovative fresh flower arrangements, can design and implement your corporate events. In addition, we can also provide corporate gifts & fabulous flower bouquets for your VIP clients.Hire ONS Events Florists NOW & Bring a Fresh Breeze into Your Corporate Events!

Birthday Flower Decoration

Birthday Flower Decoration

Birthday Parties are celebrations to share the joy and happiness with your family, friends & well wishers. Decorations, especially flower decorations make your birthday party a unique and unforgettable one.Our innovative & skilled florists and decorators at ONS Events, Chandigarh, use fresh lilies, marigolds, orchids, sunflowers and roses. Hence, they now well how to transform your birthday party into a magnificent occasion with a long lasting wonderful experience.Bring a Magical Charm to Your Birthday Party with ONS Events Florists & Decorators.

Dazzling Flower Bouquets

Dazzling Flower Bouquets

Flowers are the most wonderful creation of Mother Nature. Hence, they are essential to enhance the mood of a celebration with their captivating fragrance and divine aura.Being an experienced flora decor expert and with a deep network of reputed flower suppliers, we at ONS Events can guarantee the freshness and quality of our unique and exquisite flower bouquets and flower centerpieces for your upcoming wedding, corporate or social events.Spread the Fragrance of Love with ONS Events Flower Decorators

ONS Events is your reliable partner in Tri City Chandigarh when it comes to completely customized & professional flower decoration services. We are not only cost efficient but exceeds your expectations as well.

  • Highly Motivated and Innovative Team of Florists & Decorators

  • Picturesque Flower Arrangements for Wedding, Corporate and Social Events

  • Best Quality Fresh Flower Bouquets and Table Centerpieces for All Occasions

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